Evolution of Azura Corps’ Logo

Azura Corps 1st Design Logo 

In 2016, CEO of Azura Corps tried to design the Azura Corps’ Logo by himself. 

In 2017, He redesigned the logo.

In 2018, He made the final design of Azura Corps Logo.

Azura Corps was established on July 27th 2016 in Singgasana Hotel Makassar. Its Founders Yuditra Farmana and Irpan Firdaus had same great vision and point of view in running this Startup/Company. They agreed that Azura Corps is suitable name for this Startup/Company. Azura Corps its self means the blue sky warriors, it reflects to the founders’ spirit as warriors in raising and growing the company become great and high, like the blue sky. We are running on Busines, Education and IT. Our main purposes is to become “perfect” consultant in education, business and IT through “DigiTech”.

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